Getting Started

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Getting Started

Ivo has been specifically designed with the workflow of the advocacy process in mind, and largely this means that Ivo operates on the assumption that for much of what you do there simply is no set workflow. An Advocate's role is largely communication and mediation between different parties, in many shapes and forms, which can have a large number of outcomes and new issues, at any point in the process.



While you need to capture these activities for the purposes of reporting and trend analysis, a system that tries to squeeze your workflow into a strict 'do this, now this, now this, and finally this' approach before you can actually get back to dealing with your clients, is not going to advance your effectiveness as an Advocate.



Ivo therefore gives you different ways of entering data, from that more 'regimented' approach for the unusual occasion when you do actually have the luxury of entering all the data the system needs, through to an almost 'freehand' approach which lets you get the information you recognise as important into the system, so you can refer to it and/or complete it later on.



Ivo has also been structured to flatten your learning curve. For example, once you've learnt how to enter a new Advocacy record, you pretty much know how to enter Systemic Advocacy, Education Sessions, and Waiting List records as well, because the on-screen process is the same, and the on-screen layout has been kept as similar as possible.



This section will get you started with the key points you need to get your important records into the system.