Introduction to the Manage Clients screen

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Introduction to the Manage Clients screen


The Manage Clients screen is where you will spend most of your time in Ivo. From here you can do everything you need to do for a client.




Manage Clients Screen_001



The Manage Clients screen is divided into two main sections. The panel to the left allows you to select a specific client, whether that is a person or an organisation, from your Current Clients list.



Additionally, at the top left corner of the navigation panel is a search box that can be used to find any entity record in the system. Once a client has been selected in the left panel, their details are available in the panel to the right.



Ivo also searches all the other columns that you can see below; entity ID, client code, D.O.B and also known as.




Manage Clients screen_4




In the right hand panel, the following functions are available:


Adding/Editing contacts & details

Adding/Editing demographic data

Specifying administrative alerts for a client

Reviewing/creating/editing service history for the client

Adding activity-specific contacts

Completing statistics

Printing client summaries and file notes.