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This section introduces you to the Ivo interface - that is, the various ways that Ivo will communicate and interact with you.



Some of the concepts may be new to you, but don't be concerned at this point.  The section called Getting Started - Entering new data will give you more information on how you actually go about doing the things that you, as an Advocate, will be most likely to do with the system.



Ivo uses a 'web-style' interface that incorporates hyperlinks and a lot of white space. While we endeavour to make the layout intuitive, and, as far as possible, reasonably self-explanatory, there will always be a learning curve involved in coming to terms with a new system.  



However, we've invested a lot of time in managing to accommodate different approaches to data entry, while still achieving consistent data input.



It's also important to remember that much of what you see in the system can be altered on an organisational basis.  For example, one organisation's "client advocacy" may be another's "case management". Many of Ivo's textual labels and buttons can be renamed to accommodate such differences. As a result, the pictures in this document may not exactly mirror what you may see on your screen.